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The CN Lab is currently looking for qualified graduate students. Interested students should contact Dr. Emily Falk.

CN Lab Welcomes UROP Students



There are many ways to get involved with research in our lab.

Opportunities to Participate in Research
Individuals who are interested in being research participants/subjects in our lab should email

Opportunities for Undergraduate Researchers
We welcome applications from talented undergraduate students through the UROP program, as honors students, or for research credit. Students outside of UROP who have work study requirements may also apply to work in the lab. In general, we look for a strong academic background (GPA > 3.5) and a strong desire to do research. Typically, undergraduate students are asked to commit 8-12 hours per week in the lab for at least one year.

Other arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis (e.g. in the Summer when students have more hours per week to commit). Interested students should email a brief overview of their interests, as well as a resume or CV to

Opportunities for Graduates
Dr. Falk is currently looking for qualified graduate students to join the lab. Interested students should email Dr. Falk to discuss their research interests and possible fit with the lab.